The following statistics are based on statements issued by the Yemen Center for Human Rights, which was last issued on Tuesday May 5, 2015:

Statistics as of Tuesday May 5, 2015:

The Saudi-led Aggression on Yemen started on Thursday, March 26, 2015


Number of dead: (1360)
Number of injured: (3457)
The number of dead casualties include: 327 children and 340 women

Destroyed Infrastructure:
The Saudi-led Aggression has and is still targeting Yemen's infrastructure, state resources and both public and private properties.

The targeted include: residential neighborhoods , local markets ,food factories, water and power supplies, gas stations, schools, airports, food tankers and grain silos. Additionally, they have also attacked historical and archaeological sites, which are hundreds and thousands of years old.

According to the Civil Coalition to Monitor the Aggression Crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition, which includes the Yemen Center for Human Rights as a member, the following list includes the amount of destruction caused by the Saudi-led Aggression:

– Homes (75)                          -Mosques(25)
-Food stores(70)                    -Institute (85)
-Schools (35)                          -Governmental buildings(36)
– Hospitals(26)                       -Stadiums(10)
-Roads and Bridges(180)     -Poultry farms (14)
-Airports(10)                           -Courts (8)
-Water projects (12)               -Communication networks (in Saddah and Hajah are totally damaged)
-Embassies (15)                      -Archaeological sites (10)
-Cars(1200)                             -Food tankers (20)
-Gas tankers (35)

Use of banned weapons:
The Saudi-led coalition has used banned munition as part of it assault on Yemen. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has issued a report on Sunday 3/5/2015 stating the use of cluster bombs on Yemen, which were prohibited by 116 countries in 2008.

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Imposing a blockade from all front on Yemen (air, sea and land):

Since the beginning of the Aggression the Yemeni people have been living under catastrophic situation due to the lack of all humanitarian necessities:

– Hospitals are suffering from a catastrophic situation because of the lack of oxygen . The Saudi-led air raids have destroyed the only oxygen factory in Yemen which led to this disaster.

– Hospitals are suffering from an acute shortage of medicine due to the blockade, while the number of causalities is mounting due to the intensive and continued air strikes.

– Most medical equipment in hospitals are out of order because of the electrical blackout.

– No water supplies to all of Yemen due to the lack of fuel. This is making people live under catastrophic circumstances.

Oil and fuel crisis:
The Saudi-led Aggression campaign on Yemen has created a catastrophe due to shortages in fuel as everything in Yemen depends on fuel. Factories, farms, labs, bakeries, cars, and water pumps all stopped due to the lack of fuel.

Food crisis:
Yemen is a major dependent on imports for most of its life necessities including wheat, the main dietary source in Yemen. Now because of the war and the blockade imposed on Yemen, the country is on the brink of starvation.

Despite all the warnings from humanitarian organizations and international organizations on the worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen, the Saudi-led Aggression has not budged on reducing its blockade on Yemen or allowing humanitarian aid to enter Yemen.

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