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The Aggression’s Raids in Yemen

 November 14 | Yamanyoon

US-backed Saudi Fighter jets  continue to commit heinous crimes against Yemen and Yemeni on a daily basis. Here are some of his crimes he committed yesterday  Sunday 13of Nov. 2016


 waged a raid on Snhan area

 Five raids on Alkhuddari  mount  Bani Hashish  directorate


US-backed Saudi Fighter jets waged several raids one launched a car for a citizens in the road link between departments of Mnabh and Qataber

wounding four civilians, including women and children in a rocket attack on Haydan district


  waged a raid on Sirwah District


Fighter jets  waged a raid on Maswarh area


 Warplanes  waged a raid on Haid bin Aqeel area


Fighter jets  waged Two raids on Aldhrh site

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