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The Tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s War

Yamanyoon Written by Declan Walsh Photographs by Tyler Hicks CHEST HEAVING AND EYES FLUTTERING, the 3-year-old boy lay silently on a hospital bed in the highland town of Hajjah, a bag of bones fighting for breath. His father, Ali…

Watch: Yemeni Tribes Declare General Mobilization

Hashid tribes of Yemen declared general mobilization yesterday against the US-backed Saudi coalition for its perpetration of war crimes against Yemeni civilians.

New Scenes of Targeting Saudi Site in Najran

Najran / October 26 / Yamanyoon The Yemeni military media distributed news scenes of the artillery force targeting Al Ash Saudi military site east of Aleeb, Najran. Scenes show the operation of waging five shells on the Saudi site and…
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