Report: How Saudis, Emirates Participate in Killing Yemeni Children?


After the procrastination, promises and intransigence by the Saudi regime regarding the opening of Sanaa International Airport, a popular campaign under the title “lift the siege on Sanaa airport” was launched. According to organizers, the campaign was aimed to tighten the pressure on the Saudi regime and drew the attention of the world to the violation of international laws and humanitarian closure of airports in Yemen and the siege of 25 million people. The campaign was launched by a number of cancer-stricken children who welcomed the UN envoy and sent a letter on behalf of all the patients in Yemen. They called on the United Nations to respond swiftly and open the airport to the sick and wounded as a humanitarian demand.

The Popular Committee to Break the Siege revealed during a press conference statistics of the humanitarian damage caused by the closure of the airport, including the death of 30,000 patients who were prevented to travel abroad, 200,000 cases who are required for an immediate travel abroad, despite the thousands of stranded outside the country who want to return to Sanaa. The Committee considered that the opening of the airport is a purely humanitarian demand that urges assistance of the international community to pressure the Saudi-led aggressive countries to lift the restrictions on the airport.

The siege itself constitutes a major crime against civilians in Yemen, especially the siege of Sanaa Airport, due to the suffering of thousands of Yemeni patients who suffer daily by traveling on rough and unsafe roads in order to reach the southern Saudi-UAE occupied Aden airport. Overthere, the sick persons are being Humiliated, where even some are prevented from traveling after they have incurred the trouble of traveling for days by land to reach Aden. The closure of Sanaa airport led to the lack of medicines and solutions imported from abroad, which exacerbated the humanitarian crisis. The closure of the airport has played an important role in the spread of diseases and epidemics and the death of thousands, mostly children and women.

In conjunction with the campaign, Amnesty International launched a global campaign to stop the flow of arms to the Saudi and UAE regimes because of the military violations and massacres in Yemen under the slogan “Stop the flow of weapons that kill Yemenis.

“It has become difficult to ignore the conflict in Yemen,” the organization said in a press release. “The world was shocked by the images of civilians who were killed or wounded; starving Yemenis and the destruction of schools, hospitals and markets with bombs made in the United States in the United Kingdom. “We must stop the flow of arms that fuel human rights violations in Yemen,” the statement said.

“We can put pressure on Westerner countries to stop arms sells, reduce abuses and civilian suffering, and send a message to the Saudi-UAE-led coalition that the persistent violations will not be tolerated,” the organization said in a statement.

Many Yemenis expressed their hope that these calls would succeed in persuading the Saudis and the UAE to open the Sanaa International Airport and lift the air embargo on the country. Many Yemenis stressed the need to stop the flow of arms to the Saudi and UAE regimes to put force them in implementing Swedish agreement on the issue of Hodeidah and the agreement of prisoners swap, which both are facing obstacles by the Saudi-led coalition and their mercenaries on the ground.

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