Russian Su-25 pilot killed in Syria returned to Russia



The body of a Russian Aerospace Forces combat pilot who was killed whilst inside Syrian rebel-held territory has been returned to Russia according to defense authorities.

Moments ago, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported that the body of Russian Su-25 pilot Roman Filipov was returned to Russia following successful efforts between Moscow and Ankara to pressure Turkish-backed Syrian militant groups to hand it over.

 According to sources, the Faylaq al-Sham rebel group who possessed Filipov’s body after he was killed handed it over to the Turkish military who then passed it on to Russia.

On Saturday, Roman Filipov was shot town by Al-Qaeda-affiliated forces wielding a man-portable anti-aircraft system near the city of Saraqib.

He survived long enough to bail out of his stricken warplane but, having landing within rebel-held territory, was later engaged by a pursuing militant search party; he ended the chase by killing himself with a hand grenade after a brief firefight.

Al Masdar News

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