Yemeni students protest Saudi war crimes in front of UN



Students from a number of schools organized a mass protest in front of the United Nations headquarters in the capital Sana’a, condemning the continuous Saudi-led war in targeting the educational process in the country.

The students raised banners demanding the United Nations to leave its bubble of silence and begin taking effective efforts into halting the targeting of schools and educational facilities in Yemen.

They also called upon the UN to meet its obligations and provide salaries for teachers for they remain with no source of income due to the Saudi-led coalition transferring the Central Bank in Sana’a to KSA-UAE held Aden Governorate, southern Yemen.

Moreover, the students called on the United Nations to responsibly respond to the report of the Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs regarding the crimes perpetrated by the Saudi-led coalition for over a thousand days, as well as to compel for this war’s immediate cessation.

“We will continue our knowledge pursuit despite the difficult conditions imposed by the ongoing aggression and siege,” the students confirmed.

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