An Update of Saudi Crimes Date:26/Feb/2018


The Saudi aggression continues to launch raids on various regions and governorates, causing vast damage to property along with taking a citizen’s life and injuring another in Saada province.

In Saada governorate, a citizen was killed by Saudi airstrikes while another was critically injured by a rocket attack and Saudi artillery on the bordering province of Razih.

The Saudi-led coalition launched four raids on the district of Baqem. Moreover, Saudi rockets and artillery bombarded the district of Ghamr; resulting in the destruction of several homes and farms that belong to citizens.

In Taiz province, Saudi Arabian military jets launched six raids on al-Salou district.

In the province of Hajjah, five missiles were carried out on the districts of Harad and Medi.

In Najran, a Saudi governorate, The US-Saudi aggression launched a raid on the location of al-Shorfa.


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