(Photos) People of Wadeaah, Saada City, Condemn Criminal Acts Committed by the Saudi-Led Aggression


Tribes and citizens of Wadeaah area, Saada city, went out on Monday to protest against the targeting of citizens’ houses and their property by Saudi Arabia and its allies.

The stand, which was attended by the governor of Saada province, Mohammed Jaber Awad, secretary general of the province Mohammed al-Emad and the Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs Abdullah al-Qasimi slammed the brutal crimes committed by the aggressive air force of the coalition in all the governorates of Yemen, especially the province of Saada.

The protesters also denounced shameful international silence, which has reached the state of being complicity, pointing out that this is what encouraged the forces of aggression to commit brutal crimes against the Yemeni people, without any hesitation.

Governor of Saada praised the Yemeni joint forces for defending the country against the Saudi invader and its paid militias.



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