Joint Air Maneuver with Israel to Improve UAE with Its War in Yemen


Israeli, Greek and Arab media reported Wednesday, air maneuvers of Israeli warplanes and the UAE air force, which is participating in the Hazem storm against Yemen as part of the Saudi-led coalition forces.

According to Israeli and Western media and electronic Arab newspapers, the Israeli Air Force is currently participating in joint air force exercises in the United Arab Emirates, Greece, the United States , Italy, Britain and Cyprus, adding that the exercises, called INIOHOS, In which the Israeli participation wasn’t revealed in public, according to official statements of the participating countries that announced the exercises, but the broadcast images by the Greek media (photographs and video clips) revealed the presence and participation of aircraft on which the Israeli flag appeared of the type F-16 Suva, confirming that the photos and videos, on which Israeli aircraft appeared alongside the UAE aircraft, were distributed by the Greek Air Force for several media outlets to cover the news of the exercises.

The media, including the Russian news agency Sputnik, Qatar’s Al-Jazeera, Arab 48 and Israeli news websites, said that Israel’s participation in the maneuvers with the UAE and the UAE pilots is no longer hidden, despite the silence of the other participating countries in order not to embarrass the UAE, which is the only country that participated in maneuvers with Israel for the second time at the same time as last year.

The UAE Air Force, which has been actively involved in the aerial bombardment of the coalition in Yemen, has already participated in previous maneuvers at the same time last year and with the participation of Israeli aviation. The participation of Israel in these exercises has not been officially announced, but Israeli (Haaretz) revealed the participation of its country in the maneuver alongside the United Arab Emirates.

the newspaper quoted from the Israeli Air Force that the great achievement in the participation of the UAE and other countries in it is a major diplomatic achievement rather than a joint military achievement.

In these maneuvers, the same Israeli newspaper quoted from the Israeli Air Force as saying that these maneuvers are a diplomatic achievement rather than a joint military exercise between Israel and its friends in the region, pointing out that  Israel and its air force are interested in continuing to participate in these annual maneuvers alongside the participating countries, even official announcement of participation in the media wasn’t announced .
The UAE Air Force is considered as the second air force to participate in the direct bombing in Yemen for three years as part of the Saudi-led coalition to support the fugitive president who is under house arrest in Saudi Arabia, Abdurbo Mansour on the pretext of returning him to power.

Emirati pilots participate alongside the Israelis pilots and get trained together. UAE pilots may receive direct training from the Israeli Air Force due to its experience of bombing Lebanon and Palestine for 70 years, whereas pilots from Israel and the UAE participated in the exercises. Then, the UAE pilots return with their experience and skills which they gained during training with the Israelis to apply their skills in Yemen, where around 14,000 civilians were killed, mostly children and women.

Abdulaziz Jubari is the Minister of Civil Service in the outgoing government of the Yemeni fugitive President, who is under house arrest in Riyadh, is speaking to the Saudi-based correspondent of Yemen’s cloned channel, Khaled Alian, who asked Minister Jabari about “how will Ansarallah movement , the so-called Houthis, who are also part of the Yemeni joint forces , will accept the solution , while they are still raising slogans of death to America and Israel and show hostility to others?” , so that Jubari answered by saying that “These slogans are unbelievable but naïve, obnoxious and ignorant,” and they are slogans that have been raised to achieve other goals and ambitions.


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