Yemen strongly condemns US decision of opening its embassy in al-Quds


Yemen strongly condemned on Monday the United States’ decision of opening its embassy in al-Quds, considering the blatant move as a declaration of war against the Arab and Islamic nations. 

The Supreme Political Council, the upper ruling authority in Yemen, said the US decision will have unlimited badly consequences on the region. It said the action comes in supporting the Israeli occupation forces on the Arab Palestinian land.

“The US decision is an all-out war on the Arab and Islamic nations as it emphasizes the US implication in backing Zionist occupation on the Arab Palestinian lands,” read the statement.

Earlier on the day, the United States announced the opening of its embassy in al-Quds, recognizing the city as the capital city of Israel, amid a large-scale silence from the US-allied Arab leaders, topped by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

“The US resolution was an apparent move paved by the public and secret normalization between Israel, the United States and those Arab leaders led by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates,” the Supreme Political Council said in the statement, adding that the US decision is “the century’s deal between the Israeli allies.

Saudi Arabia and UAE have been leading a four-year-old devastating war against the Yemeni people since March 2015.

The supreme political council reaffirmed that “al-Quds has been, and it will be forever, the capital city of Palestine.”

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