Saudi-Led Coalition War Crimes on June the 6th, 2018


The Saudi-led coalition carried out various aerial raids on various Yemeni provinces on the 6th of June, causing material damage to property in several regions.

In the province of Saada, the number of aerial raids that were launched by the US-Saudi warplanes on the area of Talh area, district of Suhar reached 4 raids without casualties.

It also launched its criminal raids on the border district of Shada and a raid on Jaamlah area, district Majz.

Moreover, a house of a citizen was reduced to rubble after Saudi rocket and artillery shelled different areas within the border district of Munebah.

In Hodeida governorate, a raid by the Saudi-UAE coalition targeted the farm of a citizen in the village of Jerba al-Olia, Direhmi district; in addition, it carried out a raid on a farm of a citizen in the district of Marwaa, which resulted in material damage to the property.

The US-Saudi-led jets also launched two raids into the area of Alarj, district of Alsalif.

In Taiz province, coalition air force targeted with four raids Jabal Al-Awaid in Al-Hajjar village and al-Ahed market in Al-Akhloud within the district of Maeqbnah.

Moreover, the coalition launched a raid in al-Thbab district.

In Hajjah governorate, a raid was carried out on a house of a citizen in the area of al-Mahreqah in the district of Abes.


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