Clearing Al-Jah in West Coast Front and Killing More Than 50 Saudi Fighters


The Yemeni army, with the support of Tahama honorable people, completely cleared on Saturday Al-Jah area in the West Coast frontline. A military source confirmed that more than 50 UAE-Saudi paid fighters were killed while a number of them were wounded; in addition to capturing many of them as prisoners and seizing various military equipment.

The military source said that the Army monitored Al-Lahjji forces and Tariq Afash forces where conflict and betrayed was seen among them. The source added that Al-Lahji forces prevented runaways of Tariq forces to enter their areas and camps.

In another operation, the Army was able to kill a number of the UAE-Saudi fighters in the process at theWest Coast Frontline near Hais, which resulted in huge losses among the coalition.


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