Houthi Official Reveals What Is Really Happening Now in the West Coast, Hodeidah


Mohammed al-Bokhiti, a member of the Political Bureau of Ansar Allah and a member of the Shura Council, confirmed that the clashes are still taking place at southern Hodeidah Airport and are heavily supported by coalition aerial surveillance. ” The Yemeni army confronted all the pro-UAE militiamen attempts in advancing to the airport, leading to heavy losses among them” he added.

Al-Bokhiti said in a statement to Al-Alam television channel: ” All the news about the entry of the UAE forces into Hodeidah airport is just propaganda.”

He pointed out that eight armored vehicles were destroyed in the area of the Dwar-Whadah; in addition, many UAE vehicles were destroyed in the district of Durayhemi, while ten others were seized. Also, their supply lines were cut from two additional areas, which makes a total of six areas that have been cut-off from any aid to the UAE militias. He added that the coalition is seeking a media victory at any price and is leading its paid soldiers into a holocaust.

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