The Saudi-Led Coalition Criminal Update (23-June-2018)


The Saudi-led coalition has carried various aerial raids on various Yemeni provinces, leaving killed and wounded civilians; in addition to property damage.

In Saada, 5 civilians, including children and women, were killed by four Saudi airstrikes, which targeted two houses in the area of Laih in al-Zaher district. Additionally, a man and a woman were wounded and a citizen’s car was destroyed in the area of Gammar , in Razih border district.

Moreover, the Saudi jets targeted with more than 20 raids the border district of Razih. While different areas Various areas within the district of al-Zaher and Munebah border district were exposed to Saudi artillery and rocket attacks, leaving a civilian injured and serious damage to homes and property of citizens.

In the province of Hajjah, a number of six aerial raids targeted different areas within Harad; in addition, Saudi artillery bombarded Azzman area, district of Bakil al-Mir.

In the Saudi province of Asir, the coalition jets targeted with a series of raids various areas in an attempt to support its paid mercenaries within Jabal Shaer and Majeazah.


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