The Aggressive Saudi Coalition on Yemen Targets a Residential Area in Amran- Casualties Found


24 civilians were killed and injured, including 8 from one family, mostly children and women, as a result of US airstrikes carried out by Saudi-led jets that targeted a residential neighborhood in Amran governorate.

At two o’clock after midnight, the Saudi-led coalition jets one of the residential neighborhoods in the city of Amran, noting that the injured were transferred to the hospital city, a source confirmed to Yamanyoon.

Searching for victims or survivors is still ongoing until this very moment who might still be under the rubble of the targeted houses.

Since midnight, the coalition launched a series of aerial raids on the governorate of Amran, where it targeted the security department of Amran building and a telecommunication building.

Moreover, it resumed its targeting on the building of the security department of Amran governorate at dawn.


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