Photos: Amran Witnesses Outraged Masses at Saudi War Crimes


The city of Amran witnessed on Tuesday a mass rally condemning the war crime committed by the Saudi-led coalition against the residents of Amran yesterday, resulting in tens of killed and injured, mostly women and children.

Demonstrators held banners reading slogans denouncing the international silence, particularly the United Nations and human rights institutions, towards such acts against civilians.

During the mass rally, Amran governor praised the wide interaction of the people of Amran, which expresses the extent of the discontent and anger of the community towards the practices of the US-backed coalition.

The governor accused the coalition of targeting and killing civilians and destroying the capabilities of the Yemeni people, which were built over decades.

He also stressed the importance of concerted efforts and strengthening the internal front and the pillars of steadfastness, promoting the Yemeni people to head to battlefronts and confront the coalition forces.

The governor of Amran also called upon the people of Amran to remain alert and face the foreign conspiracies aimed at destabilizing the unity, security, stability and sovereignty of the country.

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