A Press Conference in Sana’a About the Terrifying Humanitarian Situation in Hodeidah


The Ministry of Human Rights in Sana’a held a press conference to explain the humanitarian situation in the province of Hodeidah under the slogan “The Saudi-led coalition aims to cut the lifeline of millions of Yemenis.”

The Minister of Human Rights, Ms. Alia Faisal Abdul Latif, stressed the importance of stopping the military escalation in the province of Hodeidah and its port, which is the lifeline of more than 22 million Yemenis.

During the conference, the humanitarian situation in Hodeidah governorate was talked about, which included the displacement of thousands of families into other Yemeni provinces as a result of the aggressive coalition, who has been the main threat to the West Coast and Hodeidah, which according to international humanitarian law is an act of forced displacement and criminal acts.

A statement issued by the ministry urged the United Nations to take moral responsibility by making urgent decisions that would end the war and protect lives of oppressed civilians in Yemen.

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