(Photos) Massive demonstration in Taiz against Saudi/UAE aims of controlling Hodeidah


The province of Taiz, central Yemen, witnessed today a mass rally under the slogan “No to the invasion and occupation of the coast”, affirming that the Yemeni west coast, currently witnessing an intense war conducted the Saudi-led coalition, is everyone’s responsibility.

During the demonstration, which included a number of social figures from the province of Ibb, the participants demanded the Saudi-led coalition not to underestimate the will of the people of Yemen.

The governor of Taiz praised the sacrifices of the residents of Tihama in Hodeidah as well as the achievements of the Yemeni Army and Ansarullah in the West Coast. He also confirmed the solidarity of the people of Taiz Province and the rest of Yemenis with Tihama in Hodeidah.

Moreover, he called for the general mobilization to support the battlefronts for everyone is is a target of the Saudi-led coalition with no exceptions.

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