Breaking: Assassination of a Prison Officer in a Saudi-UAE Occupied Governorate


Unknown gunmen assassinated Thursday morning an officer belonging to the security force in the southern Saudi coalition occupied province of Aden.

According to media sources affiliated to the Saudi aggression, the gunmen shot a policeman named Saif al-Dalii, who works as a prison officer in Mansoura prison, Aden, leading to his immediate death.

The sources added that the incident took place in front of a gas station called Express, where the gunmen fled the scene after they finished the operation.

In a related context, the imam of al-Adel mosque in Anma city survived an assassination attempt after he was targeted by an explosive device which was planted under his car this morning.

The explosive device planted in Sheikh Ali Bawazir’s car exploded in Anma district of Aden, while close relatives of Bawazir confirmed his survival from it.

Assassinations, bombings, and killings in Aden have become a daily routine due to the security chaos that has plagued the city since it was occupied by the Saudi-led aggression and its paid militias for over two years now.

The occupied city of Aden and areas controlled by the Saudi-American forces of aggression are witnessing security chaos and an expansion of the activities of the Takfiri groups and ISIS.

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