Houthi: Sudan Hides News About Its Killed Soldiers in Yemen


Sudan hides information regarding its killed soldiers in the Saudi-led aggression war on Yemen, the head of the Houthis said yesterday.

Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, President of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, said on his official page on Twitter: “The leadership of Sudan’s mercenaries in Yemen is not informing the families of those who had participated in the Saudi aggression about the fallen soldiers and officers, while military regulations say that in case the death of one of its members was confirmed, then his family should be notified within an hour, and the financial procedures should be carried out immediately . This confirms deliberate neglect.”

“Or does the Sudanese regime benefit from covering the foreign currency deficit through these funds before paying the families of those who were killed while participating in the Saudi aggression on Yemen? Or is it a kind of circumvention by the military commanders?” he asked in another tweet.

“The Sudanese regime should respect its soldiers, abide by the laws it has passed, and inform the families of its mercenaries who were killed in Yemen, according to with the military regulations. It is the last thing they can do to return the favor for those who were pushed into Yemen’s holocaust. “

Sudan has been providing ground troops to support a Saudi-led coalition’s assault on the Middle East’s poorest country. The Kingdom entered the Yemen civil war in 2015 at the behest of the hypocrite ex-President, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi who was forced into exile after the Houthis (Ansarullah) took control of the country’s capital, Sana’a, and the government institutions within it.

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