A Daily Update of the Saudi Crimes Against Yemenis (July.21.2018)


The Saudi-led aggression has launched various airstrikes on Saturday, targeting many Yemeni governorates, leaving killed and wounded among civilians, while damaging property of citizens.

In the province of Saada, a woman was killed following an air raid by Saudi-led aggression on a house in Ghafrah, district of al-Zaher district.

Moreover, a woman and her child were killed after a massive rocket and artillery attack on a residential area in Razih border district of Saada.

Also in Saada, a civilian was wounded by a rocket-Saudi artillery attack on a residential area in the border district of Shada, while the warplanes of the aggressive coalition destroyed a house of a citizen in al-Qad district in Razih bordering town.

Additionally, the military aircraft of the US-Supported aggression on Yemen carried out four raids on the military police camp.

In Marib governorate, coalition jets targeted the district of Sarawah by an airstrike.

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