Saudi-Led Coalition Forces Rape 7 Women, Children in Al-Jawf


Seven women and a child have been abducted and raped by coalition forces and their militiamen in the past few days, and a number of children have also disappeared since the forces of coalition managed to take control of Hazm district in Jawf province.

According to information reported to YemenExtra, the coalition forces and their militiamen who detained the women in Jawf sent them to Marib province to be raped by Saudi and UAE officers under coercive coercion.

Three women were capable to escape after the attempt to kidnap them, however, another three women are still kidnapped in Marib.

Moreover, the coalition arrested women from displaced families in Jawf and sent them to Marib.

Since the US-backed coalition forces managed to control Hazm district at the end of the year 2015, they have been working to eliminate the tribal community, the customs, traditions and tribal ancestors, which specialize the residents of Jawf comparing to other people in other regions.

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