Victims Found After a Huge Explosion Was Heard in Saudi Occuied Yemen’s Aden


A powerful explosion rocked Enma neighborhood, in the occupied Saudi-led aggression city of Aden on Tuesday, leading to several casualties.

Media sources close to the aggression explained that the explosion was from a bomb planted on a motorcycle, which targeted a car near a checkpoint in Enma.

Witnesses said that there was a car carrying a number of victims who got injured due to the explosion.

A source from al-Naqib Hospital, Mansoura district, said that the hospital received a number of wounded people.

Moreover, a number of people were injured when an explosive device exploded in a market in the district of Maris, Dhala’ governorate on Tuesday morning.

This comes in the context of the security chaos in the occupied city of Aden and other southern areas controlled by the forces of the aggression.

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