The Reasons Behind Committing Crimes Against Captives of the Yemeni Army


The issue that is dealing with captives of the Yemeni army and the People’s Committees continues to bring attention, with each time storming the public harder than before, so it becomes the talk of the street and society, where its also spoken about on the radio and newspapers, in addition to being the head title of all social networking sites. People forget about it until it reappears with a greater tragedy.

No one can deny the truth of what is happening, even media affiliated with the Saudi aggression and it’s paid mercenaries because the truth cannot be hidden. Moreover, those who call themselves “legitimate” are documenting their criminal practices, which are unable to describe the extent of their ugliness and brutality against Yemeni forces captives. The documents are videoed, where you can see and hear the violations of the Saudi militias, and the plan is to be trending in the widest range .. Hence it is clear that there is no doubt about these crimes and violations.

Many of the doubtful out there about what is happening in Yemen between the parties to the conflict, whether from the inside or abroad the country, only one video about the captives of Yemeni force or the popular committees by those who call themselves the name of legitimacy and they are the owners of ”civilization” and ”culture” will make you certain remove any doubts, because the truth is brighter than the sun.

What has been happening since the start of the Saudi military campaign on Yemen, by looking at only the issue of the captives soldiers of the Yemeni army and the Yemeni People’s Committees, conclude a number of important facts, as follows:

First, it is an extension of the project of the new Middle East, which was announced by the United States of America, through its direct intervention or through its tools of al-Qaeda and ISIS,

Anyone who watches these scenes cannot have any doubt for a moment that those who implement them are ISIS, and that the difference between the crimes committed in Iraq and Syria and other Arab and Islamic countries and Yemen is that Daesh in Yemen wants to appear the most brutal and criminal than all the other aforementioned countries. New methods of torture and killings, where they become inhuman and we say that they have turned into monsters.

Second, the people of Yemen in general and the army and the popular committees of Yemen, in particular, are known for their great and high ethics in dealing with even their enemy. No one can deny this, where even the Saudi coailition and its mercenaries admit this. Many of the mercenaries were captured and received not only good treatment but hospitality, where then a very large number of them are released over and over again without being abused or tortured. The Saudi-led aggression could not approve even a one documented violation against a captive of the Saudi militias, where it only can lie and broadcast propaganda thought its media without any evidence.

Third, these inhuman acts done by the Saudi militiamen refer to the affiliations of the mercenaries of the aggression and their loyalties in all areas of confrontation, clearly and explicitly. These demonic acts are led by the party of Satan, ”The Muslim Brotherhood”, which is the work of Wahhabism, which doesn’t take into account any religious or humanitarian sanctity of the old, child or woman. At the same time, those pro-Saudi militias are being loyal to the enemies of the nation, including Israel hypocrites, who are working to kill their people and children and displace them!

Fourth, their actions on the battlefield shows their real face and identity. When they claim that they defend the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), where in reality, they are the complete opposite of the prophet. The prophet did not torture captive soldiers, did not storm and blow up houses and graves, did not attack women, children and the elderly, and many other acts.

Fifth, these crimes and practices indicate a very deep deficiency complex. The mercenaries of aggression have failed miserably in the fight against the Yemeni forces in all fronts because they do not have a justified purpose, courage and heroism, which are only within the Yemeni army and the People’s Committees, so they try to overcome failure so they can make championships that are worthy of their great personality against those who have sold themselves for Saudi-UAE cash. Yet, every time, they still point their guns in the wrong direction.

Sixth, it is one of the dirty schemes planned by the Saudi-led aggression from the very beginning, where it is trying to ignite sectarian and regional strife between the people united Yemeni people, in order to weaken it and simplify breaking it into parts then occupy it.

Written by: Ms. Asma al-Shahari

Translated by: Issac Ali

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