The Assassination of the Director General of Intelligence Bureau of Aden Int. Airport


Gunmen assassinated this evening the director general of the intelligence bureau at Aden airport after they tracked him down and shot him in the district of Khor-Maksir in Aden, a southern Yemeni governorate, which has been occupied by the Saudi-led coalition two years ago.

A local source confirmed the assassination of the General Director of the Intelligence Bureau at Aden international airport, Colonel Nasser Makrih by unknown gunmen in Khor-Maksir district, who fled the scene after completing the operation to an unknown destination.

It is noteworthy that the province of Aden and the southern provinces that are the occupation of the Saudi-UAE coalition are witnessing an unprecedented security chaos and a wave of assassinations almost daily and a large spread of Takfir groups, who are supported by the brutal Saudi-UAE-US coalition.

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