The Daily Update of the Saudi Crimes in Yemen (July.30.2018)


The Saudi-led aggression continued on Monday on targeting various Yemeni provinces, leaving killed, wounded and property damage.

In Hodeidah governorate, on Monday, 4 citizens were killed and 5 others were injured, including children, following the air raids on the area of Kilo 16 al-Hali district.

A number of four raids targeted an Agricultural Extension Center in al-Durahmi district, while it launched two raids on a rural hospital housing within the same aforementioned district.

The Saudi-led warplanes launched 16 raids on different areas within the district of al-Durahmi, some of which targeted Al-Kou’i area, Kilo 16 road, a cemetery in the east of the city and the main road, Hodeidah province.

In Saada governorate, residential areas of Baqem border town was hit by a rocket and artillery shells launched by the Saudi border guards.

The military aircraft of the coalition also launched a raid on Jabal Sha’ir in al-Atafin area within the district of Kataaf.

In Jizan, a southern Saudi province, the Saudi aggression launched two raids on Mount Tawilq.

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