Financial incentives for teachers in Yemen to ensure continued education


The United Nations is expected to start disbursing financial incentives to teachers in provinces under the control of the National Salvation Government, shortly before the school year begins next month to ensure continued education.

“The United Nations has been able to make progress in providing incentives for teachers and teachers,” the UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, Lise Grande said on Saturday during a meeting with the head of the rescue government Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtor in the capital Sanaa.

“This was done by persuading a group of donors to contribute the sums required prior to the start of the school year, so as to ensure that the educational process in all public schools on time,” Grande added.

“It is a priority of the United Nations to support and ensure the continuation of education so that students, especially the poor, are not deprived of their right to education,” the UN official said.


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