A Daily Update of the Saudi War Crimes in Yemen (August.15.2018)


The US-Saudi aggression on Wednesday resumed its air raids and bombardments on a number of Yemeni governorates, leaving killed and wounded; in addition to material damage to public and private property.

In Hajjah governorate, 6 citizens were killed and seven citizens were injured by the bombing as the Saudi frigate launched a series of missiles on al-Sadah village in Hiran district, resulting in a public displacement of the civilians in the village as a result of the non-stop Saudi shelling.

In Saada, the Saudi-led aggression carried out more than 15 air raids on citizens’ properties in Baqem district, while the districts of Shada, Baqem and Razah were targeted by rocket and artillery shells, causing severe damage to the homes and property of citizens.

In al-Jawf governorate, the Saudi aggression military aircraft launched a raid on the district of the al-Masloob.

In Jizan, a southern Saudi province, the Saudi jets launched more than 30 raids in an attempt to support its mercenaries during a failed attack on al-Dakhan eastern area, where it also launched a raid on al-Tawilq mountain.

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