One of the Coalition’s Accomplishes “Killing Fishermen, Destroying their Property”: Report


by: Shefa’a Abdullah

The Saudi-led coalition air raids have targeted, this week, a dozen fishermen in Yemen, the last incident took place on an island just off the coast of the port city of Hodiedah, near the island of Uqban. Yemeni fishermen are reportedly fearful about returning to sea given the indiscriminate targeting by the coalition.

More than twenty-eight people were killed and another 30 were injured in an attack by the coalition in early August.

Yemeni Fishermen have been targeted in Hodeidah port city

The fisheries sector in Yemen, which is considered one of the most important sectors of the Yemeni economy which was not also excluded from the targeting of the Saudi-led coalition’s warplanes.

As well as, the coalition is trying to eliminate, disregarding humanitarian disasters that the UN described as the worst in the world.

The latest reports indicated that there is a large number of losses, because of the crimes committed by the coalition , confirmed that the losses of the fish sector as a result of direct targeting of fishermen and boats, ports and landing points of fish for more than three years, amounted to four billion and 786 million and 501 thousand dollars.

Losses of the fisheries sector in Yemen, huge numbers and catastrophic results:

The number of martyrs of fishermen who were attacked by the bombing of the coalition is 251 and the wounded is 49 others and the number of fishermen who lost their sources of income is 46, 688 fishermen.

Also, the number of fishing boats destroyed by the coalition reached more than 222 boats with a loss mounted to five million and 248 thousand and 536 dollars.

A boat destroyed by the Saudi-led coalition in Hodiedah

While the number of boats that stopped their activity as a result of the targeting of landing sites, is more than 4, 586 boats, mostly in Midi district of Hajjah province and Dhubab, Bab al-Mandab and Mukha districts in Taiz province, where the loss of mounted to billion, 58 million and 312 thousand dollars.

It also caused direct damages to the livelihood of more than two and a half million citizens of coastal cities and villages along the coastal area, in addition to the decrease average of the annual consumption of fish at the level of the Republic, where it reached two and a half kg instead of 14 kg to be 85% .

The number of establishments whose activities have ceased due to the decline of fish production, reached to more than 50 different establishments between factory, preparation plant and others, resulting in losses of five million and 262 thousand dollars.

The direct targeting of villages and fishing communities by aviation and warships resulted in a large wave of displacement that had a disastrous impact on the areas that were displaced, especially as fishermen are among the poorest in society.

Losses of industries and services associated with fish activity amounted to 8 million, 269 thousand and 442 dollars, while losses in fees and customs amounted to 42 million, 332 thousand, 484 dollars.

Remains of a Yemeni fisherman after coalition’s raids targeted his boat

Since the night of March 26, 2015, the Saudi-led coalition fighter jets started its attacks on the capital Sana’a, marking the first massacres on civilians in a residential neighborhood near Sana’a International Airport.

A series of violations and crimes continued at all levels in all the Yemeni cities, provinces and villages by the coalition’s daily target directly or indirectly as well as the people, with a suffocating siege and systematic destruction of the infrastructure and economic and everything related to human life.

This week the Pentagon warned Saudi Arabia that America will reduce its military and intelligence support if the Saudis fail to limit civilian casualties in Yemen.

The momentum against the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen began with the latest UN report accusing the alliance over potential war crimes earlier this week. The UN has previously mentioned violations of the law of the war in Yemen but directly insinuates now that war crimes are likely to have taken place.

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