Human Rights: Saudi Escalation on Hodeidah Is a Genocide Against All Yemenis


The Ministry of Human Rights explained that the continuation of the Saudi-led coalition its immoral acts and the escalation of military operations in the province of Hodeidah confirms its criminal intent to annihilate the Yemenis and exploiting strategic facilities for its benefits.

The ministry condemned in a statement the targeting of the aggressive Saudi-led coalition to silos of grain in Hodeidah, which stores tons of wheat and flour.

The statement pointed out that the military escalation of the coalition and the imposition of the siege, which has the main reasons why Yemenis are starving, almost reaching the brink of famine, is contrary to the principles of international humanitarian law and reflects the extent of bankruptcy, morals and humanitarian fall of the Saudi-led coalition.

The Ministry’s statement considered the coalition actions of the targeting of citizens in their homes, roads, bridges, and the destruction of factories and commercial markets in Kilo-16 and 7-Yolio and the neighboring areas reveals that the coalition is committing criminal practices whose perpetrators to lack all religious and human values and ethics.

The statement brought the international community and the United Nations and its bodies, the full responsibility for all crimes of the Saudi-UAE coalition for its military escalation in the coastal province of Hodeidah, West of Yemen.

The ministry renewed its call to stop all forms of the warfare and systematic siege and to establish an independent and impartial international commission to investigate all the massacres and crimes committed by the coalition against Yemen and its people.

A statement was concluded on the 6th of September by the UNICEF executive director Henrietta Fore, in which he stated that there is an imminent risk of the death of about 60 children in Hodeidah hospital.

 “Intense fighting in the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah is now dangerously close to Al Thawra hospital – putting the lives of 59 children, including 25 in the intensive care unit, at imminent risk of death.
According to the staff of the hospital, huge blasts and airstrike have been heard multiple times, where the hospital cannot be accessed due to the intensive clashes, resulting in the only available hospital in the area to be endangered of closing or even targeted by shells.
There are about %40 of the 400,000 children in Hodeidah who suffer from severe acute malnutrition. Some of the sickest are taken to the hospital for urgent care.
The Saudi assaults were reportedly intensified around the seaport of the city, where 80 per cent of Yemen’s humanitarian supplies, fuel and commercial goods are delivered. The toll in lives could be catastrophic if the port is damaged, destroyed or blocked.

The Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakkol Karman, condemned the escalation of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition in Hodeidah.

“The escalation in Hodeidah is not a liberation or a restoration of the province, but an extension of the obsession of control and acquisition and the occupation of Yemen by a coalition that has gone so far as to exterminate the Yemeni people and destroy the geography,” Karman said in her Facebook page, calling on the Security Council to issue a decision to immediately stop the battle in Hodeidah.

The Saudi-led coalition committed multiple crime against the civilians of Yemen, where it has escalated its aerial and ground bombardment after the US has called for peace talks within the next month in Sweden, led by the United Nations. However, reports say that Saudi-UAE coalition is not serious to achieve peace, mainly because they have taken control of vital regions within Yemen and that is why they have escalated the fightings in most of the frontlines, particularly in the west coast of Yemen, near the portal city of Hodeidah.

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