Breaking: Fresh Saudi Crimes Kill and Injure 20 Civilians in Yemen (Photos)


A number of 13 citizens were injured on Monday after the Saudi-led military aircraft targeted a car carrying civilians in the Kataf district within the northern Yemeni province of Saada.

A local source reported that the civilians who were targeted by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes were “Bedouins” traveling by car in the district of Kataf and were stuck in an air raid that resulted in the killing of 4 citizens and injuring 9 others.

In addition, different areas of in the bordering regions of Saada, Razih, Munebah, Baqem and Shada, have been exposed to rocket and artillery attack, causing damage to houses and property of citizens.

This crime comes in the context of the nearly daily crimes committed by the aggressive Saudi coalition against the Yemenis in the province of Saada and many provinces for nearly four years amid silence and international complicity.

The source added that 3 citizens were killed in the region of Kmaal in the Baqem district after aerial bombardment by Saudi Apache military helicopters within Saada governorate.

More civilians were killed in the coastal province of Hodeidah, west of Yemen, where the Saudi-led coalition conducted an airstrike on the port of Hodeidah, killing two people and injuring another.

No further details were given about how hard the port was damaged and if there are still more casualties within the targeted area.

The port of Hodediah is considered to be the latest lifeline of the Yemeni people, where more than %70 of imports goes through; thus, any threat to the port could endanger millions of lives.

“Any disruptions to the port operations would hamper humanitarian efforts to prevent famine as well as increase food prices in markets even further, making it extremely difficult for the majority of Yemenis to feed their families,” WFP said.

As the warring parties head to Sweden for peace talks, which will star as early as Tuesday, most of the fronts in Yemen have been witnessing intense clashes, which are only worsening the humanitarian condition in the impoverished state.

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