(Updated)18 Yemenis Killed, Wounded ( Mostly Children) in a Fresh Saudi Crime Against Civilians (Pictures+Names)


The crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen keep going, despite the fact, Yemen peace talks are currently in progress under the UN auspices in Sweden between the warring parties. Saudi offensive operations in an attempt to advance on the ground in all fronts have also not stopped, which could have a negative effect on the negotiations that are taking over at the moment.

In Yemen’s Hodeidah, West coast of Yemen, Saudi-led ground shelling on residential areas damages and destroyed houses of civilians, resulting in the death and injury of 18 civilians in the Dwaar al-Rabsah area.

A local source from Hodeidah reported the toll of the one who lost their lives in the attack is 6 people and the injured are 12.

The source pointed out that most of the victims are children, adding that some of the bodies of the killed were shattered into pieces.

The source added that the shelling by the Saudi coalition continues on the neighborhoods of the city, where 120 artillery shells were subjected to the village of al-Zafran in Kilo-16, east of Hodeidah. Additionally, the village of al-Sheikh was targeted by more than 15 shells.

It is worth mentioning that on Friday, 4 fishermen were killed after the mercenaries affiliated with the Saudi-led coalition targeted a fishing boat off the coast of Hodeidah.

This crime comes as the warring parties negotiate peace in Sweden under the auspices of the United Nations, where the negotiators have rejected different kinds of ideas, but they have agreed to swap all the prisoners they hold before even Yemen peace talks were launched.

The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, condemned the massacre committed by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition against the civilians in Rabsa Square in the city of Hodeidah.

“While the consultations are taking place in Sweden and amidst an international atmosphere that aspires to achieve peace, the countries participating in the American-UAE-Saudi aggression on Yemen responded to the initiatives calling for the stop of hostilities by intransigence on the table of negotiations and on the battlefield,” Houthi said in a statement.”

”I strongly condemn the deliberate bombing of civilians, and we regret that crimes continue to violate all laws and charters of the United Nations” he added.

“We consider this crime as a message that reflects the negativity, recklessness of the US and Saudi Arabia alongside their allies. At a time when the world is going to support peace, direct positive messages and express deep sorrow over the tragic consequences of the aggression and the imposed siege on the Yemeni people, then this crime comes to prevent any talks aimed at stopping the war and bringing peace” the statement included.

The statement carried the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and allied countries in the aggression on Yemen full responsibility for committing such crimes.

The statement praised the efforts of the Kingdom of Sweden and the efforts of the UN envoy to Yemen and other peace campaigners.

The statement called on the GCC summit, which will begin today, ”to adopt a rational position initiated by the regimes participating in the aggression to announce the cessation of the massacres and crimes against the free people, who was not the initiator of this aggressive war, but his position was the position of legitimate defense.

The statement stressed that the coalition of aggression can no longer continue to mislead public opinion, both in the world and in some countries, for the truth has been revealed and its reality, which will not remain silent about the Saudi aggression with its allies in front of the ones who are free in this world.

  • The names of the killed in the Saudi attack:
    1. Raghd Qassim Ahmed (4 years old)
    2. Rabea Qassim Ahmad (16 years old)
    3. Samar Qasim Ahmed (13 years old)
    4. Khadija Qassem Ahmad (17 years old)
    5. Father of the aforementioned (49 years old)
    6. The child Abdulrahman Salah Ali (5 years)
  • Names of wounded:
    1. Maher Qassim Ahmed (4 years)
    2. Wedyan Qassim Ahmed (2 years old)
    3. Sarah Qasim Ahmed, (16 years old)
    4. Aisha Mohammed Ali (40 years old)
    5. Ahoud Ahmed Omar (25 years old)
    6. Ayesha Haitham Ahmad (a month old)
    7. Gomaa Hassan Abker (30 years old)
    9. Haifa Ahmed Hazem (24 years old)
    10. Lula Ahmed Dahbly (30 years)
    11. Sunbal Saleh Ali (3 years)
    12. Rabie Hatem Saghir (30 years old)
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