The Violations and Crimes of the Saudi-Led Coalition in Yemen- Report


The US-backed Saudi-led coalition on Saturday continued its raids and bombardments on a number of provinces and regions in Yemen, leaving killed, wounded civilians; in addition to causing vast damage to property and infrastructure.

In the province of Rimah, 3 air raids were conducted by the Saudi warplanes on Wadi Klabah in the district of Bilad al-Tiaam, killing a little child and taking the lives of livestock in the targeted area.

This child was brutally killed after three airstrikes by the coalition airplanes targeted Rimah province

In Hodeidah coastal province, three children were critically injured by a cluster bomb remnants aftermath coalition warplanes targeted the district of Tuhita.

Moreover, Saudi-led warplanes carried out two raids on a village south of Wadi Nakhla, northeast of Hays in Hodeidah; thus, violating the agreements of Sweden consultations, which state a complete ceasefire in Hodeidah.

Coalition transgress agreements of Sweden, goes on targeting Yemen’s Hodeidah and Sanaa

It is noted that coalition jets dropped flash bombs west of the city of Husseiniya in the Beit al-Faqih district. In conjunction, Saudi-UAE mercenaries conducted heavy shelling at al-Ittihad Hotel and adjacent neighborhoods in the July 7 residential area within the Hali district, while also shelling al-Shaab City with a number of artillery shells and fired 11 artillery shells at Kamran factory.

In the province of Saada, northern Yemen, a citizen was injured after bombardment took place against Razih bordering district.

In addition, Saudi Arabia backed by US/UK missiles carried out two raids on the Qahra area in the Suhar district and a raid on the border district of Shada, and launched three raids on the district of Baqem and a raid on the Al Ali district in the bordering region Saada called Razih.

Villages located at different areas in the districts of Razih, Baqam were subjected to rocket and artillery bombing, causing extensive damage to the houses and property of the citizens, while the Apache combat helicopter launched several aerial attacks on the property of the citizens in the Baqem district.

In al-Mahweet, Coalition joint air force launched a raid on a citizen farm in the al-Khubt district.

On Sunday, the Saudi-UAE mercenary forces fired more than 50 shells on the district of al-Durayhmi, while coalition fighters carried out 7 air raids on several regions in the coastal province of Hodeidah.

Moreover, farms in Hodeidah are being subjected to extensive artillery shelling, specifically in the al-jah al-Asfal.

Salim Al-Mogalis, one of Ansarullah delegation, doubts coalition truthfulness on the ceasefire regarding Hodeidah they agreed upon after the Saudi-led coalition massed on the city’s outskirts and still continuing its ground and aerial bombardment on Hodeidah.

Mogalis said the agreement is coherent, noting that it included the withdrawal of any threats that endanger the city of Hodeidah from both sides, ”and this danger primarily comes from the forces of the Saudi aggression”.

He pointed out that the agreement did not include the change of any security or administrative authorities in Hodeidah, pointing out that the current authority is concerned with security.

He added that “the interpretations presented by the delegation of Riyadh to the Convention is unrealistic and an attempt to mislead their masses, adding: ”the air raids and military mobilization by the Saudi -led aggression are not just violations, but a clear escalation that bears the Saudi-led coalition the full responsibility.

“We have informed the UN envoy about the latest escalation, especially the intensive air raids launched by the coalition air force.”

What is clear is that Yemen deserves better than what the UN conjured up in Sweden, and before UN chief Guterres can congratulate himself, he must first remember that Yemenis will continue to die from Saudi-imposed starvation and US and UK bombs being dropped on their cities.

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