Crimes, Violations Committed in Yemen by the Saudi-Led Coalition on Dec. 25


The US-backed Saudi-led aggression continues to launch attacks and bombardments on various Yemeni regions and governorates, resulting in severe injuries among the civilians, in addition to damaging properties.

In the western coastal province of Hodiedah, a local source reported on Monday that three citizens were injured as the forces of aggression indiscreetly targeted civilians with automatic weapons in the mountainous area in the district of Tuhita.

A military bulldozer used by the coalition mercenaries is still developing fortifications east of the Shabab city in the 90th Street within the Hali district.

“During launch time, while the head of the UN Coordination Committee, Brigadier Patrick, was eating launch, Saudi-UAE warplanes were hovering over the atmosphere of the province. the source added.

In Yemen’s al-Jawf, Coalition military aircraft carried out 7 air raids on the al-Mattoon district.

In Saada, a northern Yemeni governorate that shares the border with Saudi Arabia was struck with two raids, in al-Thaher district, while the villages that are aligned near the border in Razih district were exposed to rocket fire and artillery bombardment.

In Yemen’s Hajjah, a coalition fighter jet conducted an airstrike on the district of Mustbaa.

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