UN Envoy to Yemen Arrives Capital as Hodeidah Ceasefire Agreement Deteriorates


The United Nations Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith has arrived at the Yemeni capital Sanaa last Saturday, seeking for discussing with officials in government and the national delegation mainly about the UN-sponsored agreement of Hodeidah ceasefire, which has not been implemented due to facing some difficulties from one and looking more fragile as each day passes.

In conjunction with the arrival of the UN envoy to Sanaa International Airport last Saturday evening, the Organizing Committee of the #EndYemenSiege humanitarian online Campaign, which is specifically urging for the reopening of Sanaa International Airport, was there to send a humanitarian message to the UN envoy to Yemen.

A number of children diagnosed with cancer who are participating in the campaign delivered a humanitarian message that speaks for the rest of the patients in Yemen who couldn’t travel due to the imposed Saudi-led siege on the airport from all commercial flights.

They called on the United Nations to respond quickly and open the airport for the sick and wounded as a humanitarian demand. The press conference revealed the latest statistics and figures of patients and deaths since the closure of the airport because of the Saudi-led coalition siege.

On Saturday night, an online tweetstorm was launched by the #EndYemenSiege campaign, which thousands of activists and media outlets participated in and helped to raise the voice of the besieged Yemeni people to the world.

The Bureau of the UN envoy said that Griffiths intentions are to first visit the capital Sanaa, then Saudi capital Riyadh to push for the implementation of the Hodeidah ceasefire agreement. Finally, the envoy is expected to give an update for the security council after his visits of both capitals.

Sources say that Griffith might meet with Houthi top senior, Abdul Malik al-Houthi to discuss the situation of Hodeidah and break the stalemate in implementing the cease-fire agreement.

The Saudi-led coalition, on Monday, carried out an airstrike on Nana factory in Hodeidah, Kilo-16 area, which heavily damaged the factory and resulted in the injury of 4 workers, which is considered to be the first air raid since the ceasefire agreement. However, daily breaches by the Saudi mercenaries on the ground are being committed in the city, where dozens of artillery and mortar shells are being subjected to several parts in the province.

The Saudi war has killed and injured thousands of civilians and displaced millions; in addition to causing the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe in 100 years.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates launched the Hudaydah offensive in June but have been facing strong resistance from Yemeni armed forces — led by the Houthis — as well as the city’s residents.

Coalition Forces Continues to Breach Hodeidah Cease-Fire Agreement

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