Saudi Prisoner in Yemen Suffers from a Serious Sickness: Prisoner’s Affairs Committee Announces


The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs announced that it had informed the Saudi side through the Bureau of the UN Envoy that one of the Saudi prisoners is suffering from severe sickness.

The committee said in a statement on Friday evening that the prisoner “Musa Shu’i Ali Awaji” is infected with the liver virus and his health is worsening as each day passes.

“We have done our best to cure him, but his condition is beyond our therapeutic capabilities because of the imposed siege,” the statement warned.

“The committee explained that it had offered an urgent prisoner’s swap deal with Saudi Arabia, which deals with the exchange of this sick Saudi militant for the release of a number of prisoners of the wounded Yemeni militants detained by the Saudi kingdom.

The Committee stated that so far there has been no response from the Saudi side in this direction.

The National Committee for the prisoner’s Affairs declares through this statement that it bears no responsibility towards this issue.

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