The Crimes and Violations of the Saudi-Led Aggression in Yemen (Feb.12)


The Saudi-American aggression along with their mercenaries continued on Tuesday to bombard a number of Yemeni provinces, causing material damage to public and private property. In addition, the coalition continued in violating the cease-fire agreement in Hodeidah.

In the coastal Yemeni province of al-Hodeidah, four missiles were fired at the mountainous area of the al-Tuhita district by Saudi warships.

The mercenaries used heavy weapons and machine guns in targeting houses and farms of citizens in the village of al-Shijn in the city of al-Durayhmi, while also targeting the village of al-Zaafran in the Kilo-16, using heavy and medium weapons.

The mercenaries of the Saudi aggression launched about 30 Katyusha rockets at al-Faza in the Tuhita district.

Residential neighborhoods in Sana’a Street were heavily bombed with artillery and heavy and medium machine guns by the Saudi-UAE mercenaries.

The mercenaries affiliated with the Saudi aggressive coalition have built new fortifications west of the village of al-Sharaf in Kilo0-16.

It is noteworthy to mention that coalition warplanes and reconnaissance drones continued to hover over the city and a number of the governorate’s districts.


In the Yemeni bordering province, Saada, the Saudi-American jets conducted seven raids on different areas within the district of Baqem.

The houses and farms of citizens in the district s of Munebah and Baqem were exposed to an intensive rocket attack and artillery shelling, in conjunction of a bombing of the Saudi militants by more than 15 missiles that targeted the area of Talan, district of the Haidan.


In the Hajjah governorate, the Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 5 raids on the area of Abaisa within the district of Kushar.


In Dhamar province, the Saudi warplanes launched 7 air raids on different areas in the district of Turan A’nas.

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