In Pictures: Massive Rallies All over Yemen Opposing Normalization with Israel-Report


Hundreds of thousands of people from the capital Sana’a and the city of Al-Hodeidah came out yesterday on Sunday afternoon to participate in a protest entitled “The Disownment from the traitors” and the adherence to the cause of Palestine.

Participants in the rallies echoed the slogan of innocence from the enemies of God and other various slogans against the Israeli enemy and the innocence of the traitors.

The march of the men was in Bab al-Yemen within the capital Sanaa.

It started by reading the Quran, then the national anthem. Then, it was followed by the appearance of the Mufti of the Republic of Yemen, called Shams al-Din Sharaf al-Din.

Sanaa protest against normalization with Israel

“The identity of the Yemeni people expresses their rejection of all conspiracies and coalitions against the people of Islam,” he said, adding “Our identity refuses to extend our hands to the invading occupiers and the criminal invaders.”

He then mentioned that what happened in Warsaw Summit is not just normalization with the Zionist entity, but was a coalition against our nation and our identity.

Information Minister Dheifallah al-Shami said in a speech that what represents Yemen is these crowds that emerged today in the capital Sana’a and many other provinces, adding that the Yemenis knew who are the tools under the use of America and Israel for a long time.

“No one in this world will dare to terrorize our Yemeni people. We have become accustomed to the difficulties,” he said, calling on the world’s free to make the suffering of the Yemeni people as a model to take actions against tyrants.

Sanaa protest against normalization with Israel
Sanaa protest against normalization with Israel

A speech was then given by the head of the tribal alliance council, Sheikh Dhaifallah Rassam that was specifically given to the sheiks and tribes of Yemen, to hold a conference next Sunday that will be a response to the normalization of the mercenary Saudi backed government with the Zionist enemy in the name of Yemenis.

At the end of the event, the head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, said that the course of the revolution in Yemen is in the path of the liberated people in Palestine and Lebanon.

He pointed out that what happened in Warsaw is greater than normalization, which is a coalition of the evil against the good in the region.

“We did not bow down to 4 years of aggression and we will not be intimidated by the threats of an ambassador after Warsaw,” Houthi said.”

The Head of the supreme revolutionary committee ended his speech by expressing the proudness of the Yemeni people to attribute to the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance, and not as those who feel shame in joining Trump and Netanyahu.

Sanaa protest against normalization with Israel

The Women of Yemen had also joined in this opposition event, which took place at the west side of the Revolution Park in the capital. Women’s protest witnessed a largely female crowd to show expression of innocence from traitors and adherence to the Palestine issue.

At the same time, a mass demonstration took place in the city of Hodeidah bearing the same slogan, in which thousands of citizens participated to express their rejection of normalization with the Zionist enemy and to declare their innocence from traitors and agents.


Saada; Yemen’s northern province

A large mass rally in Saada was held yesterday morning to show adherence to the Palestinian cause and disown the traitors.

Participants in the protest held flags of the Republic of Yemen and the flags of Palestine, pictures of the martyr leader Hussein Badruddin al-Houthi and pictures of the leader of the revolution, Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and signs of freedom rejecting American hegemony and politics in the region.

The participants chanted slogans such as “Hiyat al-Dhilah”, “Yaatnab al-Wilayat”, meaning we will not accept humiliation from the puppets of the US, “The Zionist coalition will fall apart, you worst coalition”, “We are very strong, Jerusalem is ours,” and “The time of uncovering the truth, either you are a Muslim or a hypocrite.

One of the leaders of Ansarullah named Yusuf al-Fishi in Saada gave a speech during the event in which he stressed that this event shows that Yemeni people, who are under the whiz of Saudi warplanes gave a message to the world and the people to take responsibility.

He stressed that what happened in Warsaw increases our steadfastness and belief in the rightness of the cause for which we are fighting, pointing out that the FM of the Saudi puppet government Kahlid Yemeni has revealed all the Saudi aggression titles that claim to come and show peace to the Yemeni people, adding ” they also showed that they are no more than just tools, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Al-Fishi noted that the allegations of fear of Iran dropped them in the arms of Israel, and we are at the time of revealing the facts and truth, stressing that the Yemeni people will not forgive those who want normalization, and will mobilize to confront the “enemies”.

It is worth mentioning that many poetry poems confirmed the rejection of normalization with the entity of the Zionist enemy, and adhere to the cause of Palestine, and the choice of resistance, and denounced the presence of foreign minister, who is one of the traitors, next to the Prime Minister of the entity of the Zionist enemy Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Protest of the Yemeni Dhamar province

The province of Dhamar on Sunday morning has also joined in this rally that opposes normalization with Israel.

The governor of Dhamar, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein al-Maqdashi, stressed that the position of the mercenary Khalid al-Yamani is an individual position that is incompatible with religion, values and morals, and represents only the American agenda. The Israeli side, which was working from under the table is now exposed and visible.

He renewed the position of the Dhamar people who reject this blatant plan aimed at eliminating the Palestinian cause and destroying the Islamic countries and peoples that support the liberated Yemeni people.

During the event, speeches were made by the cultural supervisor in the province, Abdul Azim al-Lahji, the sheikhs of the Anas tribes, Sheikh Hilal al-Miqdad, the Anas tribes, Sheikh Mohammed al-Fatimi, the tribes of Hada’a, Sheikh Abdul Hamid al-Qusi, the Atma tribes, Sheikh Jamil Muawdah, And the poem of the poet Abu Rawah al-Jufi, all of which stated that what happened in Warsaw clearly confirms that what is being exposed to Yemen from barbaric and brutal aggression was only part of a Zionist plan.

The Yemeni people, whose blood was mixed with the blood of the Palestinian resistance through the struggle, Will never give up on the oppressed Palestinian people and its cause.

The Yemeni people in Hajjah join in this massive protest

The streets of the city of Hajjah on Sunday witnessed a similar protest of those that were held in other provinces.

The protesters expressed their rejection of the outcome of this summit, which gathered the powers of infidelity and mercenaries from the region and others from the puppet governments of Yemen.

The statement that was issued during the event noted that the participation of the mercenary government in the conference along with the Prime Minister of the Zionist enemy and the Secretary of Foreign America is a clear expression that the Saudi aggression on Yemen is only Zionist American aggression and has been since the start.

The statement stressed that Khaled al-Yamani and the government who all live within hotels in the Saudi kingdom do not represent the Yemeni people, stressing that Yemenis will steadfast and reject this normalization with the Zionist enemy.

The protests held in the provinces of Amran and Mahweet

Thousands of people from the provinces of Amran and al-Mahweet joined in these protests that have a conjoined title with the other ones, which is the refusal of the normalization with the Zionist entity and reaffirm the position of the Yemeni people who will always support the people and the Palestinian cause.

The participants in the event, which toured the streets of the cities of Mahweet and Amran banners of the Zionist entity and denounced normalization with the Israeli enemy, in addition to the declaration of innocence from those traitors.

They confirmed their rejection of the suspicious meetings and the steps of normalization that Khaled al-Yamani presented at the Warsaw Summit.

The participants deplored the shameful positions of the government of ousted former Yemeni president Hadi, in which there was an exposure of the masks and the conspiracy agenda on the issues of the Islamic nation and sanctities.

Protesters stressed that this step does not reflect the Yemeni people, who are known for their steadfast and principled positions on the central issue of the nation and its support for the Palestinian people.

In the two massive rallies, where officials and the local authority along with directors of the districts and sheiks, in addition to all sectors of education and cultural and popular organizations, parties, security, and military leaders gave speeches that expressed absolute rejection and condemnation of normalization policies with the Zionist entity.

The statement reiterated the Yemeni people’s stand on the side of the Palestinian people and the issue of the central nation, declaring the innocence of the acts of traitors who have betrayed the nations and peoples.

These protests were in response to the leader of the revolution, Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, who called last Friday in a statement to the people of Yemen to embark on mass rallies that emphasize the innocence of the Yemeni people from the hypocrites, traitors and to show steadfastness on their principled positions of faith and steadfastness in confronting the Saudi-led aggression.

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