Saudi Paid Mercenaries Shot Fire on the UN Convoy in Hodeidah: Source


A security source said that the procession of the head of the Commission charged to monitor the cease-fire agreement in the province of Hodeidah GeneralMichael Lollesgaard was exposed on Saturday afternoon to fire from the positions of mercenaries affiliated with the Saudi-led aggression in the 50th street within the city of Hodeidah.

The source pointed out that the convoy of General Lollesgaard was exposed at 2 pm on Saturday to a shooting that lasted till 4 pm during his presence within the humanitarian corridor, which was opened to the mills of the Red Sea.

General Lollesgaard asked the national delegation to open the way to the passage of the motorcade on the 50th Street and facilitate access to the mills of the Red Sea, which was arranged by the army and the People’s Committees, and while he was leaving from there, mercenaries started to shoot at the procession.

The source confirmed that the mercenaries lashed two army bulldozers of the Yemeni army and the popular committees as they were working to open the way and facilitate the passage of the UN team.

The source condemned the attack by the mercenaries of the forces of aggression on the convoy of the head of the UN Monitoring Committee for the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah. In addition, the source demanded the United Nations to take a stand condemning the party that is clearly involved in the humanitarian crisis in Yemen by preventing UN organizations from reaching the Red Sea mills in Hodeidah.

Head of the supreme revolutionary committee

The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee Mohamed Ali al-Houthi condemned the forces of the Saudi-led aggression for targeting the convoy of the head of the monitoring team in the 50th street in Hodeidah.

He blamed the countries of aggression for the direct targeting of the convoy.

Al-Houthi explained that the countries of aggression seek to undermine the agreement of Sweden and obstruct peace by targeting the UN team.

“It is said that part of the plan to repeat the battle of Hodeidah and obstruct peace is by targeting the UN team,” he said in a tweet.

“We remind Lollesgaard to oblige the aggressive coalition to give access to the Red Sea Mills in order to distribute aid.”

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