March 22: Saudi Crimes in Yemen on a Daily Crimes


The US-backed Saudi aggression and their mercenaries continued on Friday to launch raids and bombardments on a number of provinces, leaving killed and wounded civilians in addition to causing material damage to public and private property. Also, committed violations by the Saudi aggression continued in Hodeidah, where both rivals agreed three months ago to hold truce in this coastal city.

In Amran, a child was killed and three others were injured when a remnant of a cluster bomb previously dropped by the Saudi-led aggression exploded in the district of Qafla Atar.

In the northern province of Saada, the Saudi fighter jets carried out 10 raids on different areas in the al-Zaher district and launched two raids on the border district of Shada, and launched five raids on different areas of the Baqem district.

Moreover, Saudi jets conducted 9 raids on different areas in the province of Kataf and launched a series of raids on the district of al-Zaher, one of them on a distribution center affiliated with the
World Food Programme (WHO) in the region of Ghafra.

It is worth mentioning that Saada was also exposed to ground shelling as well on that day, where the bordering district of Munebah, Baqem, Razih and Haidan were hit by rocket fire and artillery shelling, which caused severe damage to civilian’s homes and property.

In the coastal Yemeni province of Hodeidah, the forces of Saudi aggression shelled the citizens’ farms east of the al-Durayhmi city and with automatic weapons in the south and east of the al-Durayhmi city. 35 artillery shells were recorded targeting different parts in the Tuhita district.

The aggression forces targeted various areas in the July 7 residential area, Hodeidah airport, he 50th Street with heavy and medium machine guns.

The mercenaries affiliated with the Saudi-UAE aggression launched more than 70 shells on different areas east and south of the district of the Tuhita, while the various machine guns were used to bomb different areas in the city.

A military bulldozer belonging to the Saudi-UAE mercenaries has developed combat fortifications in the Kilo 16 area.

The aggression warplanes and espionage drones continued to hover over the city of Hodeidah and its districts.

In the Hajjah governorate, the Saudi-American f-16 warplanes carried out 4 raids on the districts of Harad and Medi.

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