Saudis Never Supported the Political Solution in Yemen: Foreign Ministry


An official source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the statements made by the official spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Information, who pointed out that the political solution is a principle agreed upon by all regional and international parties except the Ansar Allah party.

The source said in a statement to Yemen’s news agency “Saba” that the whole world knows the fact that Saudi Arabia has never been with the political solution or with the interest of the Yemeni people, and that it intervened militarily in Yemen on false pretexts in order to achieve its undeclared goals.

The source pointed out that the national delegation has been and still adhere to the option of a just and honorable peace, and took positive steps during the peace rounds, starting with the Geneva 1 and 2, through the Kuwait negotiations and the Stockholm consultations.

The source noted that the national delegation made great concessions in order to stop the shed of blood of the Yemeni people and end their suffering, while Riyadh and its mercenaries are the ones who were and still obstructing the peace efforts and evading commitments of this agreement.

The source stated that the other party was holding to positions that were not listed in the agreement regarding the Hodeidah Agreement that was agreed upon three months ago, including indefinite separation between phases I and II, while this was contrary to the agreement that states that the redeployment plan should be implemented within only 21 days; however, three months have passed and no actions have been taking on ground.

The source also stressed that the statements of the Saudi official aimed at imitating his country’s image to the international community by claiming its keenness on the political solution in Yemen, as well as covering the obstruction of its tools and their procrastination and their failure to implement the Stockholm Agreement.

The source concluded by calling on Saudi Arabia to reconsider its stance towards Yemen and its people, abandon the options of violence and brutal war that has been waging on the poorest Arab country for four years and seek brotherly relations based on the principles of good neighborliness, common interests of the two countries, respect for sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs.

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