April 14: The Saudi Crimes in Yemen (Daily Updated)


The US-UK backed Saudi aggression, mercenaries continued on Sunday to launch raids and bombardments on a number of provinces, causing material damage to public and private property. They also resumed their violations against the cease-fire agreement in Hodeidah.

An official source from Hodeidah reported that the forces of aggression targeted al-Dabayani neighborhood in the July 7 area with two mortar shells, while heavy and medium weapons targeted the airport, City Max, al-Wahheen Mosque and Yemen Mobile intersection.

Our source noted that the mercenaries used medium ranged weapons in targeting the Qimah hotel and the College of Engineering and the village of Sheikh.

Later on, UAE and Saudi invaders and mercenaries targeted an Ice factory in Kilo16 area with mortar shells.

In the province of Hajjah, the US-Saudi fighter jets targeted a car belonging to a citizen in the Rqai located in the Mestbaa with an air raid, leading to its complete destruction.

In the northern province of Saada, densely populated villages in the Munebah district were bombed by Saudi artillery shells.

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