Head of National Delegation Denounced Saudi Crime in Dhale and International Silence


The head of the national delegation, Mohamed Abdel Salam condemned the crime resulted by Saudi-led warplanes against civilians in the Qataba within the Dhale province on Saturday, which killed seven from two family members, including women and children.

Abdel Salam said in a tweet, “a terrible crime committed by the Air Force of the aggression by targeting a car of citizens in the area (Sharnmeh – Qataba- Dhale) and the bloody outcome: the martyrdom of six individuals (two women, a child, and three men).”

The head of the national delegation pointed out that this crime was added to the criminal record of the Saudi-led aggression against the country of Yemen and with a devastating international silence.

Abdel Salam denounced the international silence towards the crimes of aggression, pointing out that this silence and complicity reveals the meaning of humanity absent in the advocates of humanity.

The Saudi warplanes carried out a horrendous crime against civilians in the Dhale governorate, where two citizens were targeted by a car as they were returning from a market. Seven civilians, including women and children, were killed.

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