In April: 223 Yemenis Killed, Wounded; 1859 Institutions Targeted


The US-backed aggressive Saudi-led coalition continues to commit heinous massacres against the Yemeni people, in addition to destructing public and private facilities, taking advantage of the silence of the international community and human rights organizations.

According to a survey conducted by the Human Rights and Development Center, 223 people were killed and wounded, 56 of whom were killed, including 32 children and 10 women. The wounded amounted to be 167, including 86 children and 33 women.

The most prominent crime of all was the massacres perpetrated against the students of Al-Ra’i School in al-Arbaeen Street in the Shaoub district within the capital of Sana’a on 07/04/2019, which resulted in the killing and wounding of 109 lives. The statistics indicate that 14 were killed, including 13 children and one man, 95 wounded, including 54 children, 29 women, and 12 men.

Cluster Bomb Victims.. (Death is expected)

The US-Saudi aggressive coalition used in its aggression against Yemen all kinds of cluster munitions and bombs. From the beginning of the aggression to the present day, the warplanes of the aggression used in its attack on houses and residential neighborhoods cluster bombs in various governorates, most of which was the province of Saada that aligns the border with Saudi Araba, where it has bombarded most of the Residential neighborhoods, farms, and valleys.

These Bombs and cluster munitions contain dozens, if not hundreds of submunitions that fly into the air and are spread randomly to cover large areas in order to cover hundreds of square meters and can be dropped from the air or fired on missiles. Cluster bombs are characterized by high failure rate, a high proportion of them fail to explode as soon as it impacts the target without exploding, inevitably turning into landmines lying on the ground and a threat to the lives of civilians for years to come, and also pose a serious threat to the lives of those who happen to be touched or stumbled to them. Most of the days, many victims fall dead by the explosion of cluster bombs, especially children, whose lives are exposed to great danger. Once they go to playgrounds in the neighborhoods where cluster bombs leftovers are found, they become victims of this tragedy. In April alone, 25 victims of cluster bombs, all children, were killed and wounded, and I’ll explain in detail:

On April 3, remnants of a cluster bomb were destroyed in al-Fath School in Beit Douda, Hamdan district, Sana’a Governorate. The explosion killed three children and injured ten others. On April 5, a cluster bomb exploded in the house of a man in al-Manqam in the Durayhmi district within the Hodeidah province. Also in Hodieidah, a cluster bomb exploded in the home of a civilian and seriously wounded a child in the Tuhita district. In addition, a cluster bomb exploded in Dorn Anas district within Dhamar province, which resulted in the killing of two children and injuring two others.

In April, 354 air raids were carried out, including 197 in Saada governorate, 40 in Sanaa, 37 in Hajjah, 16 in Ibb, 12 in Hodeidah, nine in Dhamar, nine in Lahj and nine in the Dhale province. The capital of Sana’a was subjected by 7 air strikes.

In addition, the Saudi warplanes carried out 8 raids on Taiz governorate, 5 raids on Marib, 3 raids on al-Mahweet and two raids on al-Bayda governorate.

The Destruction of institutions

The number of foundations targeted by the American aggression amounted to be 1859 establishments, where the Saudi-led military aircraft destroyed 30 storage tanks and water pump, 6 factories, 17 mosques, 10 schools, institutes and 96 agricultural fields, in addition to targeting 56 roads and bridges, 54 cars, 144 shops, three tourist facilities, four food trucks, 6 fishing boats and 50 Livestock, sheep, three university facilities and 23 food storehouses.

The Saudi-led warplanes also targeted an electricity station, a generator, two markets, two government buildings, two cattle farms, and two communication stations, as well as targeting an airport and carrying out two targeting operations against a hospital, health facility and sports facility.

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