Fresh Saudi Raids Take the Lives of Dozens of Civilians in Yemen


The Saudi-led aggression and its mercenaries perpetrated heinous crimes against Yemeni civilians, mostly children and women, in the Dhale and Hodeidah provinces, resulting in the killing and wounding of dozens. Such crimes amount to the thousands of previous crimes that the Saudi-led aggression has been waging against the people of Yemen for over four years, since the beginning of the Saudi aggression against Yemen.

More than 13 citizens were killed and wounded on Saturday morning, by the aggression led by Saudi Arabia that is backed by the US and UK, after homes of civilians were targeted by Saudi-led warplanes in the city of Qatabah in the Dhale province.

ِA source from the province reported the targeting of houses of citizens in the area of Shalil within the district of Qatabah, which resulted in the deaths of 3 civilians, including a man and two women and more than 13 wounded, mostly children.

This crime comes in the context of the daily crimes committed by the aggression against the Yemenis for over four years amid silence and international complicity.

In a preset time, another heinous crimes war committed against a number of citizens last Friday night, as a result of the shelling of by the mercenaries affiliated with the Saudi-UAE aggression on the residential neighborhoods in the city of Qatabah in the Dhale province.

According to local sources, the mercenaries of the aggression targeted the houses of citizens in the city of Qatabah with indiscriminate shelling that destroyed two houses on the heads of its inhabitants.

The sources added that the indiscriminate shelling of houses caused the deaths of 8 civilians and resulted in wounding many, mostly women and children.

The sources said that neighboring citizens are still searching for any victims still under the rubble of the destroyed houses in the city of Qatabah due to the indiscriminate bombing of the Saudi-UAE mercenaries.

The Saudi crimes also reached the province of Hodeidah, where a child was killed and another wounded on Friday evening by artillery shelling by the invaders and mercenaries against residential neighborhoods in Hodeidah.

Our source from the province said that the Saudi aggression pounded with artillery shells and heavy machineguns houses in the neighborhood of Zayed, the Hali district, which led to the death of a child from his wounds and the injury of another child from the neighborhood.

In a preset time, the mercenary Saudi-UAE forces bombed 19 artillery shells on houses and property of citizens in the outskirts of the besieged city of the Durayhmi.

The artillery bombardment destroyed and burned 5 houses in the village of al-Shajan on the outskirts of the besieged city of Durayhmi.

Moreover, the UAE-Saudi mercenaries used heavy and medium machine guns in targeting the Faculty of Engineering and the 50th Street.

The forces of aggression also shelled eight Katyusha rockets and 10 mortar shells against the al-Faza area within the Tuhita district.

Additionally, the Hodeidah Airport was subjected to heavy artillery fire.

The Saudi-led aggression continued to hover over the city of Hodeidah and adjacent districts; thus, violating the cease-fire agreement of Hodeidah.

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