Durayhimi Besieged City: Tragedy of Humanity and Hypocrisy of the World


The crimes of the Saudi-led coalition against the Yemeni people have no limits in criminality and brutality and have exposed the hypocrisy of the international community.

It exposed the falsity of the allegations made by international organizations and human rights organizations that have failed to take action toward what the Yemeni population has been living for four years. It has been proved that these international laws and the Charter of the United Nations are merely instruments for the suppression and colonization of peoples, in order to spread their corrupt values to the world.

At the time the United Nations announced that some 10 million Yemenis had become a step from starvation, not to forget the outbreak of cholera, which is threatening the lives of all Yemenis, the district of Durayhimi has been living a human tragedy with no limits to describe it.

The district has been besieged and under a systematic brutal targeting as the UN remains silent without taking any action; which confirms the complicity and participation in the siege and suffering experienced by this district for months.

It leaves no room to doubt that these international laws, the Charter of the United Nations, the United Nations in Yemen and other international organizations, are just instruments of repression and terrorism of the peoples of the world, regimes and countries through which the countries of arrogance are conducting their occupation of countries, oppressing people and the plundering of wealth.

More than 7,000 people are trapped in the district of Durayhimi as their suffering expands tragically while the hypocritical world responds with its absent conscience, whereas the Saudi/UAE-led coalition, under the cover of the United Nations, continue to impose the siege on the suffocating city of Durayhimi in Hodeidah province for about 9 months.

The imposed siege prevented the entry of tens of thousands of basic life components such as food and medicine, which resulted in the death of five women and an elderly man after their health deteriorated due to the lack of medicines and foodstuffs that were prevented entry by the Saudi-led coalition. Dozens of patients from the city of Durayhimi were unable to reach the nearest medical facilities outside the besieged city, due to the continued Saudi/UAE targeting of traffic to and from the city traffic.

Nearly ten months have passed since the humanitarian disaster engulfed the besieged city of Duraihemi in Hodeidah, which turned into a large prison because of the unjust inhuman blockade and the closure of its rivals by the forces of the Saudi-led coalition and their mercenaries amidst a shameful international silence.

The forces of the Saudi-led coalition have also denied the entry of convoys and humanitarian aid to the people in the city of Durayhimi.

In conclusion, despite the brutal aggression and the unjust siege, God blessed the Yemeni people with guidance and insight. This great society was able to realize the true nature of the conflict and the nature of the battle they are waging today with the forces of global arrogance, which is the true enemy of all humanity and peoples.

This makes Yemen at the center of this global battle and the maker of events and major changes in the region and the world, it has always been one of the most influential countries in the reality of life with the values of faith, cultural heritage, accumulation of knowledge and a track full of miracles and victories throughout history.

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