9 Civilians Killed by US-Saudi Air Strike in Taiz (Video)


Nearly a dozen people have been killed when Saudi-led military aircraft carried out a string of airstrikes against an area in Yemen’s southwestern province of Ta’izz.

Local sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Arabic-language al-Masirah television network that the warplanes struck a petroleum derivatives plant in the Mawiyah district of the province on Friday afternoon, leaving nine people dead and several others injured.

Earlier, Saudi-backed militiamen loyal to Yemen’s former President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi lobbed a barrage of mortar shells at a vegetable oil extraction workshop at Kilo 16 area of al-Hali district in the strategic western Yemeni province of Hudaydah.

There were no immediate reports about the extent of the damage caused and possible casualties.

National Delegation Head Mohammed Abdulsalam said on Friday that the today’s massacre of the US-Saudi aggression in Taiz, in which more than dozen were killed, including children, is added to the criminal record of the aggression against the Yemeni people.

“Another massacre is being added by the criminal record of the aggression against the Yemeni people,” Abdulsalam wrote on Twitter.

“In today’s massacre in Mawyah of Taiz, more than 10 were killed, including children, and others were injured during the targeting of a public gas station on the highway.

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