Mohammed Abdel Salam Ridicules from Saudi Arabia for Celebrating About the 500 Us Troops Arrival


The head of the Yemeni delegation negotiator, Mohammed Abdul Salam, ridiculed Saudi Arabia’s celebration of the arrival of 500 US troops, pointing out of its reliance on US and British protection while not knowing how to get rid of the plight in Yemen.

“A kingdom submerged in and around Yemen and it does not know how to get rid of this quandary and celebrate the arrival of 500 US troops to protect it and rely on US and British protection,” Abdul Salam said on his Facebook page.”

“Huge difference between them, (Saudi Arabia) and an independent state that is facing the world’s arrogant leaders with all strength, rigidity, and wisdom,” he added.

Riyadh yesterday agreed to host US forces to strengthen security and stability in the region, which includes 500 US soldiers, military aircraft and air defenses to Saudi Arabia.

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