July 23: A Daily Update of the Saudi Crimes on Yemen


The Saudi-American aggression continues to bombard various areas in the provinces of Saada and Hodeidah, leaving wounded civilians and material damage in public and private property.

In the coastal province of Hodeidah, a woman was injured as a result of an artillery shell launched by the Saudi-UAE forces and mercenaries on the Mdmen area within the Tuhita district. Moreover, the invaders and mercenaries targeted the Ha’et village located in the district of Hays with artillery shells, injuring a woman and killing a number of bovine animals.

Also in Hodeidah, the forces of aggression targeted the houses and villages of citizens in the area of Kilo 16 with various machine guns, in addition to targeting the besieged city of Durayhimi by artillery shells.

In the northern province of Saada, the Saudi aggression fired rockets and artillery shells, targeting different areas in the two provinces of Razih and Shada.

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