Saudi Mercenaries Tortures and Kills a Prisoner, Violates the Agreement of Sweden


The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs revealed that the mercenaries of the Saudi aggression in al-Jawf province tortured the prisoner (Ahmad Saleh Ali Ahmad al-Faqih) until he died as a result of the torture.

In a statement issued on Monday, the committee said that the prisoner is one of the prisoners listed in Sweden’s lists and whose presence was recognized by the enemy and whose name was included with the United Nations and the International Red Cross.

It stressed that its timing was aimed at thwarting all efforts to implement the Swedish Convention. The continuation of such crimes shows that it had become systematic and deliberate by those forces.

Moreover, the statement considered that the silence of the United Nations and international organizations towards these crimes by the mercenaries had encouraged them to repeat them, noting that the Committee was constantly reporting to the UN about the abuses committed by the mercenaries of aggression.

The committee called on the UN envoy to Yemen, his team and the International Committee of the Red Cross, the sponsors of the prisoner exchange agreement, to bear their responsibility to protect the prisoners in the prisons under the supervision of the forces of aggression as stipulated by the prisoner exchange agreement.

It is noteworthy that this crime comes after one month after a similar crime against the prisoner (Mohsen Ghathi) in Shabwa province, who was tortured and killed in June.

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